Two(sday) Thoughts


1) I’d never realized that orientation could be so tiring. Perhaps it’s because I’m absorbing so much information, but I’ve been completely zonked getting home today and yesterday. Today I pushed myself to go to my after-work exercise class, which I think ensures I’m going to sleep well tonight, adding that tiredness onto being just quite knackered overall.

2) I’ve been thinking a lot about my career transition over the past few days. Before starting this library job, I worked in communications for almost 5 years at a university, knew everyone in my building, and, needless to say, felt very much at home.

Now, though I’m still in the same city, I’m commuting every day. I’ve never done that before. By bus and/or train. To a new building. Where I get lost often. With over 100 new people and countless other long-time staff. Learning a new trade and new policies. And meeting a new boss and having a new boss meet me.

For most people, this would be a huge mental shift. End of one epoch and the beginning of another. Although I had a week off to relax and put on my library hat between jobs, I’m not sure that the change has really sunk in.

Today I ran into two former coworkers on the train downtown, chatting about my job and their job and what’s going on back at the office. I’ve gotten some lovely “Happy new job, Annabelle, we miss you!” texts and emails asking for updates. But as I mentioned in an email to a friend today, I feel like I’m just at a conference, or on an extended vacation, and then next week I’ll be heading back to my old job.

Let me make it absolutely clear – I’m now in the career I’m meant to be in, and I’m 100% sure I’ve made the right choice.

But shouldn’t there be a momentous “Wow, this is it!” feeling? A career cerebral sea change? If so, I haven’t felt it yet (despite weeping copiously throughout my good-bye party). I suppose that maybe it’ll kick in once orientation is over and I start doing librarian-things. 

Stay tuned.



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  1. I think that is a modern myth…. that the heavens will open, the soundtrack will come on and you’ll have that “aha” moment when you are in ghe right career – or even right relationship. I think it is more complex than that. We are more complex. Life is more complex. I believe it will be a gradual shift, and then one day you will suddenly stop (metaphorically) and say “wow, my life rocks!”

    good luck on the journey to rockstardom!

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