A Thursday Twofer


First of all, this link started cracking me up, because there were definitely some effed-up kids in kids’ literature. I mean, Matilda is awesome, but the comparison between her and Carrie is really on point.

Here’s something I’m really excited about. Lizzie Skurnick is totally one of my favorite people in the world, because her Shelf Discovery book (taken from her “Fine Lines” Jezebel series) is like talking to a friend about the books I loved as a kid.

But it gets even better – Skurnick has opened up her own publishing imprint (and why not, I say) to re-release some wonderful old-school YA books – I mean, REALLY old-school books from as early as the 1930s. I’m not an impulsive person, but when I saw that this was happening, I immediately subscribed for the year. The first book was Lois Duncan’s Debutante Hill (and that’s her on the cover!), and now I have an Ellen Conford I’ve never read sitting waiting for me. There’s a reason these books are considered classics, folks.


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