Friendly Faces


It’s been a great first week at work – I’m not counting Orientation, since that wasn’t really work – with a nice routine and helpful and friendly coworkers.

But no matter how nice my new job is, there’s still one big honking red light: it’s still new, and I’m in a new place with new people, and that takes some getting used to.

Today, though, after work, I remembered some of my old job friends (hi, guys, if you’re reading this) were having a Happy Hour at a favorite haunt close to my old job, and near my house, so I booked it up there after work – let me tell you, I didn’t appreciate getting out at 4 p.m. when I did so on a regular basis; 5:45 on a Friday can be rough – and happily popped in to see my buds.

It’s funny, really, because I really enjoy my job (for some reason I feel the need to constantly repeat that), but I can’t stress enough how nice it was to see some old familiar faces in one of the old familiar places. I think I may have used the phrase “it was a tonic to my spirit,” sounding ridiculously like Anne Shirley. But it’s so nice to see old friends you know, who you can be open with, asking for new gossip and telling them excitedly about your new job but reiterating how much you miss them.

I wonder how long it takes before the new job starts feeling like an old job.


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  1. I’m in my second year in my school, and it feels like home now. Took longer than I expected and I still have happy hour every chance I can with the “old” folks – mind you I’m one of the oldest at both places!

  2. I love the idea of keeping up with old friends, absolutely. I don’t like the idea of just sort of chucking old coworkers away, so I love that you hang out with both. And I feel you on the age thing – I’m one of the oldest at both, too.

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