What I did today


Cleaned, wrote, compiled, read, shelved, cleaned, sorted, explained, shushed, organized, cajoled, scolded, and played babysitter.

I loved it all, but a day that ends at 9:15 p.m. – not to mention getting home at a little after 10 p.m. – makes me really freakin’ knackered.

A quick funny story about the “explained”: I was in the Teen Space today, and trying to explain the shutdown to one of our patrons. Here’s how it went (don’t email me, I know it’s wildly inaccurate!):

Me: So, let’s pretend that Miss W. and I want to have an ice cream party for everyone. I, Miss Annabelle, think there should be all kinds of flavors to choose from for our guests: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, rocky road, peanut butter, pistachio… all kinds of ice cream. But Miss W. doesn’t think that there should be any other flavors except the kind that she wants, which is peppermint. And she said unless we only have peppermint ice cream, she’s going to take away the money for all the ice cream and nobody can have any ice cream at all.”

Patron: That’s mean! And stupid.

Me: Yup. And so is the shutdown.

Off to bed. Sweet dreams of ice cream, everyone, and I hope you get the flavor you want.

Confidential to my D.C. librarian friends – I’m thinking of you. Hoping the shutdown ends and you’re not furloughed at the end of the week…


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