Adieu, Alice


Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, author of the Alice series, is retiring her beloved, totally normal, no superpower-having, no vampire-kissing protagonist Alice McKinley.

Alice is one of those rare characters who ages – in her Washington Post article, author Monica Hesse points out that the girls in the Babysitters Club go through 100+ books and yet still stay in middle school (which drove me nuts at the time, and still does) – and who, I think, could have been an older Ramona – your average girl who has average problems, from irritating siblings to teacher trouble to puberty.

I remember so many feelings reading the Alice books: being mortified for Alice when she got her first period visiting her aunt and uncle in Chicago – how embarrassing!! – to being envious of the overnight train trip that takes her to them. (It’s still a dream of mine to take an overnight train trip, just because of Alice.)

I’ve only read the first two books, The Agony of Alice and Alice in Rapture, Sort Of, but I’m planning to read the rest, in the proper order, to make up for lost time.


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