“But aren’t libraries on their way out?”


While 98.9999% of friends and family members were beyond psyched when I told them of my original plan to attend library school, and then when I got my new job, I still have people who ask me the question I used as the title, or some variety of it.

But seriously, who needs librarians anymore? We have Google!

Who goes to a library now? I just buy my books from Amazon.

And the not-even-related but still annoying question:

So what are you going to do with a degree in shushing?

I can’t contain my excitement at the link Mama Bear sent me today, because this is how I would answer those questions. Verbatim. Even though the research to back it up* is pretty cut-and-dried, I would cite BeerBrarian’s whole piece to shut up the naysayers.

If people don’t want to/won’t go to libraries, that’s fine; that’s their business, and I can’t force them. I don’t agree, but it’s not my place to tell them what they should do. I don’t go around trying to convert everyone to be a fan of my favorite football team** for heaven’s sakes.

But to those of you who look equally askance on these questions that people ask me, as I do, I salute you. Keep visiting your local libraries – or go to out-of-town ones as tourist attractions, which is even cooler*** – and keep circulation up. Attend events. We can keep fighting the good fight. And really, the numbers do speak for themselves. Be part of those numbers.

*Librarians research. That’s what we do. We find the arguments to back up our statements and then we punch you in the face with them.

** Wait, yes, I do. GO RAVENS!

*** I gotta get to Seattle sooner than soon.


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