Links for fun and profit (not profit)


Whew! It’s been a bananas few days – I began a six-day stretch working through the weekend and my “Friday” will be tomorrow, paving the way for a glorious four-day weekend. I love my job, but it’s time for a few days off.

Anyway, here’s a few links to start off with today.

Remember my post on the American Girl dolls last month? The Washington Post‘s Alexandra Petri responded to some of the company’s recent changes in this funny, but true post.

My lovely sister A – who has the same love of traditional kids’ lit as I do – sent along this “where are they now” piece from Barnes and Noble.

And finally, from my friend D, recipes inspired by favorite books (but really, after what happens with Esther Greenwood and the avocado and crabmeat salad, I don’t think I could eat it, as good as it sounds. I mean, avocados, awesome, crabs, awesome, but food poisoning? Not awesome.)

A few great occurrences from the past week: deciding to shift all of the biography into something resembling order, and it’s turning out nicely (I shelf-read everything, am putting books in order, and all the books on the shelves are the same length, FINALLY.)

Also: I am apparently not terrible at Just Dance on the Wii. Or else the teens watching me bust a move were able to hold in their laughter.

I came up with a great sports-themed storytime (songs, books, and fingerplays), so I can’t wait to schedule a spring storytime for it.

Because I’m too Type-A for my own good, this bothered me: we have two copies of the same Beyonce biography.  One is cataloged under JUV 92 BEYONCE, and the other is cataloged JUV 92 KNOWLES. Get it together, catalogers!

The best part of the week, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, was a team-building afternoon. We all learned about our Myers-Briggs types. (I’m an ISTJ, which makes me the same as Queen Elizabeth II, Jamie from “Mythbusters,” the founder of IKEA, Severus Snape, and Uncle Owen.) We learned about how to work together, how to accommodate other types, and who does what best. I really feel like I’m part of the team now. We had a great time (which isn’t something that people normally say after an afternoon in a seminar room without computers).

Happy Wednesday, chickadees!


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