Another day of firsts


More firsts today! Here’s what I got to do:

1) Our main, adult-centered computer lab was a bit short-handed today, so I got to go down and spend an hour there. It is extraordinarily different from children’s and teens. For so many people there, it’s awfully quiet, mostly because people are hunched over their computers…

2) …WATCHING PORN. Yes. While it’s okay to do so (see my post about it here), it’s just weird to me. It’s such an intimate activity. How erotic can it be to watch porn when someone’s playing Candy Crush next to you, and there’s an announcement being made over the loudspeaker, and the printer’s jammed again…  So I knew people watched porn at the library – that’s like saying that cats like to chase mice – but this was my first time seeing it in person. Not porn. I’ve seen porn. But the spectacle of watching porn in public. My coworker M (shoutout!) deals with this much more than I ever have, so she didn’t bat an eye.

2b. A gentleman – not American, European, maybe? – came up to me and mentioned embarrassedly that the guy next to him was watching porn (which wasn’t the guy I’d seen, so there were at least two porny people in the library that night, which is a conservative estimate). So I had to tell him that watching porn in libraries, while not what he or I would choose, is legal and protected by the First Amendment. Generally, we offer to move people to different computers, but he was on his way out and just wanted to let me know.

3) I got to watch our 3D printers in action. They are freaking awesome. One was printing an earphones case, and another one was printing puzzle piece drink coasters. It’s cheap to print items – usually between $1 and $5, so there are a lot of people who print iPhone cases, sculptures, rulers, and other cool stuff. When I mentioned I wanted to print myself one of these sexy things, I learned that that’s extremely popular, too. Because libraries and Doctor Who definitely go together.


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