Links galore today!


What’s up, chickadees? For your viewing pleasure, I present some links you may have missed from the past day or so:

1) Thanks to friend D for this hilarious link about Harry Potter at Penn Station. Sure ain’t King’s Cross, that’s for sure…

2) Also Harry Potter-related, Mama Bear sent me this link about why Neville is the most important character in the series (not news). If you don’t well up a little bit reading this, well, you have no heart.

3) Someday when I buy a home – please, housing deities, let it be sooner rather than later – I want it filled with reading gadgets. Particularly this one. Thanks, E!

4) Also from Mama Bear. If you didn’t see this coming… well, where have you been?

5) Finally, from Mama Bear: as an avid reader of YA fiction, I want to stand up and cheer for Foz Meadows, who is letter-perfect in this response to the condescending treatment of YA.  If you only read one of these links I share in this post, read that one.

We have another winner in the ‘What’s Annabelle Reading” section. I loved, loved, loved The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. LOVED IT. Finished it on the way home from work and was sad to see it end. If we’re going to do some juvenile lit arithmetic, it’s as follows:

THIS + THIS + THIS = The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate.

Southern, big families, turn of the century, tomboys, newfangled inventions, injustice… seriously, pick it up.

Now, time to go clean a bit more for my book club gals. (We’re reading this, by the way.)


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