Happy birthday, Max


It’s times like this that truly send home to me just how important things can all weirdly cluster together. Earlier this week was the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. Today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It’s also the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, a show that I’ve only discovered in the past few years, but has made a huge impression on me.

And I didn’t even know the one that would mean the most to me: today is the 50th anniversary of the publication of Where the Wild Things Are.

(Confidential to LG: Happy birthday, you wild thing, you!)

Days like this make me feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway, some links!

Friend D sent me a Doctor Who/Catching Fire mashup, which is hilarious.

Some Judy Blume books are getting new covers. They’re actually not bad.

Mama Bear sent me a textual analysis of Suzanne Collins’ writing; pretty interesting.

What do you think about this? (Also from Mama Bear.)


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