Outreach on a Saturday


One thing I’ve been really curious about, but wasn’t sure I’d get a chance to do yet, is outreach. We try to partner/group/work with local groups, schools, and other places in the community. Today is National Adoption Day, and I was asked to go to this city’s courthouse to represent the library, give away some books, and pass out storytime schedules and library card applications.

I’m so glad I went. I was able to meet some wonderful new families, give some books to some really sweet kids, and see what the library can mean to the community. It was a truly lovely day – and I have to admit, I teared up a bit watching the ceremonies.

Ahh, enough sappiness for now. How about some links, chickadees?

Piggybacking on my Where the Wild Things Are post from yesterday, here’s a list of some great monsters in children’s lit, courtesy of Mama Bear.

What do young adult heroines say about us? (Also courtesy of Mama Bear.)

From Sister A, 100 of the best children’s books, per The Christian Science Monitor. I’ve read 70, which initially embarrassed me, but only reaffirms my resolution to read more of the classics.


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