When failing technology makes your day


I really do enjoy working on weekends. I swear, that’s true. It’s different from weekdays.

Now, we’re only open four hours on Sundays, from 1- 5. So I was able to spend my morning making a new bulletin board, to replace my “New Twists on Old Tales” one. I felt rather gleeful to make such a bad pun and run with it. So dorky, but so great.


The question mark ran into the border a bit, but overall I’m quite pleased. I wanted to make sure I had non-fiction, picture books, board books, easy readers, and young adult books there – a good mix. I’d had a plan to brace some books in the middle of the board with pushpins, but it just wasn’t stable.

When the library opened, I expected most of our patrons – particularly teens, since that’s all they seem to want – to rush to the computers. But our computer management system was down almost completely across the entire group of libraries, so we made do. It was great – we pulled out some board games, we actually talked with patrons more (I told a three-year-old not to ride our stuffed zebra because sometimes it gallops off around the library and then we have to call the zoo and have their zookeepers come over to catch it and her eyes practically popped out of their sockets), and it was a true pleasure. Of course, the computers came back on a bit later, and then boom, back to asking the teens to turn their music down. Alas.

In What’s Annabelle Reading?, I just read Heidi for the first time ever, and it was terrific. Of course I’d seen Shirley Temple in the movie a million times, but I’d never read the book. Charming. In the mood for some YA, and loving almost anything to do with any of Henry VIII’s wives, I read this book about Katherine Howard because she was The Temptress, but it was rather shallow, she was still in love with Thomas Culpeper, blah blah blah. Not great. And then in a total and complete turnaround I read a new release that made me feel all gross in my tingly places. It was disturbing in all the right ways, and carefully written. I’d like to see more from that author.


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