It’s Christmas already, apparently


At my library. The tiny little Charlie Brown-style tree has been erected, and guess who made the ornaments? Yours truly. Here’s the tree from both sides. Can you see characters you recognize?



Love them.

In other news, I got to go to our children’s services working group meeting today, and see some people I hadn’t seen since orientation week, and talk about summer reading (already!) and other programming ideas. I also feel so guiltily lucky – other librarians don’t have the resources or space that we do at the main branch.

I’m very excited to share that the last of my family Hanukkah presents have come in, and I’ll post them here after Hanukkah (after they’ve been given, of course), because they’re library-related. If I post them now, the surprise will be spoiled for Sister A and Daddio and Mama Bear, so I’ll wait. 

Now, in links:

Entertainment Weekly readers have chosen the best YA novel of all time. Solid choice, but not my favorite. Link courtesy of Mama Bear.

Friend D sent me a Mental Floss link (God, I love that site) about novelists commenting on symbolism on their works. 

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I just finished Call Me Zelda. Meh, but lots of good Baltimore stuff in there.

Till next time, chickadees!



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