Before I get to some really exciting posts, I have a boatload of links to share with you all first.

First, um, thanks, Fabolous, I guess? (Slightly NSFW link.)

Second, this really is an accurate log of what it’s like to work at a desk. I can’t believe there weren’t more questions about where the bathroom is.

Third, and thanks to Sister A for the link, this is a lovely piece of writing about the personal relationships people have with libraries and the authors they encounter within them.

Fourth, and all the rest of today’s links are courtesy of Mama Bear, I took a storytelling class in library school, but many people don’t think about the ingredients and stages that go into a good story. Here’s a helpful graph.

Fifth, sometimes I’m not sure who comes up with the “best of” lists that come out toward the end of this year. But I think that this one, from The New York Times, is pretty spot on. Want more gift ideas, gang? Here they are.

And sixth, we do have Goodnight, iPad and Seriously, Just Go to Sleep in our collection. But I’m not sure this is a fad that’ll keep.

Finally, in What’s Annabelle Reading?, I finished The Sisters Weiss before the holiday. It was okay. Tied up a little too neatly for me. Life doesn’t always end up with all happy endings. So I was a bit disappointed by that.

But! I love biographies about strong women. When I studied abroad in Bath, England, more years ago than I’d care to admit, Amanda Foreman had just come out with her sensationally fabulous biography Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. (There was a movie made with Ralph Fiennes and Keira Knightly; I do NOT recommend it if you are nitpicky. If you like movies based on true stories and don’t care how close they are to the real thing, then by all means, watch it.) I’d always wondered if someone had written a bio of Georgiana’s equally smart, troubled, and politically astute sister Harriet, and voila, thank you Janet Gleeson, there is! I loved every page. 


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