Hanukkah Haul – and a sweet little treat


So now I have the time to share my Hanukkah presents – both given and gotten. I’ve never been so excited to give presents before, I have to admit.

I was all about themes this year. Mama Bear, Daddio, and Sister A all got (mostly children’s) books with their first names in the titles, and a piece of pottery I’d thrown on the wheel, among other things. But the real pieces de resistance were items from the 3D printer at work. And they came out rockin’ awesome, thanks to my coworkers in our digital commons section.

Daddio, a huge Ravens fan, got a Ravens paperweight. It was meant to be a small pendant to go on a keychain, but we enlarged it a few hundred percent. It turned out so well, and you can tell the detail in here.Image

For Mama Bear, it was a vase – very not like her taste, but a bit funkier.


For Sister A, who I know wants to adopt cats someday, a little cat (in purple, naturally, since she’s a Ravens fan too).


Success on all fronts.

Now! What did Mama Bear and Daddio get me? Well, the funny thing is that Sister A – for all that we’re almost 9 years apart (I’m the older sister) – we’re very much alike. So we got a lot of the same things that we’d both asked for, unbenownst to us!


We’d both asked for The Fault in Our Stars and The Book of Jezebel, which cracked us up. Among our other book gifts were a collector’s edition of posters by Maurice Sendak. Mama Bear had to hunt long and hard to find it. In other Sendak gifts, she’d also given us both Gregory Maguire’s Making Mischief: A Maurice Sendak Appreciation.

(Also, Mama Bear found me a Doctor Who bookmark – I love it when she indulges me on my strange obsessions; I have so many.)

Boy, do my parents know their librarian daughters well, huh?

Since I’d gone home to Baltimore to visit them, we decided to do a day trip to the Eastern Shore, do some outlet shopping, see some small towns, and what did we stumble upon but an adorable, small-town library in St. Michaels, MD? The county, Talbot County, has two libraries – one in St. Michaels, and one in nearby Easton. We popped in and were charmed immediately – a lot of local flavor, a decent-sized meeting room, a sizeable children’s and young adult section, and in a modern building. I wish I’d taken more pictures. Sigh.


A lovely Thanksgiving weekend all around.


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