Rules and stuff…


The day or two after the incident in Teens has kept us resolved to be more diligent with keeping tabs on ages – under 13 or over 19 is strictly verboten.

(Lapsing into German while watching the Sound of Music? Poor form, Annabelle.)

I haven’t had any blowback from the patrons – it’s been so much better to be consistent with the rules – even though some our patrons are maybe a week past 19. It’s hard, of course – it’s not like they’re fundamentally any different than they were when they were 19. But rules are rules, and it’s our job to enforce it.

Now, links!

The revenge of the printed book, from the people at Slate, and more directly, Mama Bear.

Tweens are a tough age – past childish chapter books, but perhaps not ready for the more mature themes of young adult. Here’s the ALA list of their recommended Tween reads.

Any article about V.C. Andrews I will read. Here’s an interview with her ghostwriter.

What’s Annabelle reading? Just finished You Don’t Know Me, But You Don’t Like Me, Nathan Rabin’s visit among the fans of Phish and Insane Clown Posse. Blah blah blah drugs, blah blah blah music, but the Juggalo sections were the coolest parts.

I’ve been singing along in my apartment with the songs, so this post may not even make any sense. Till next time, chickadees.


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