A little Austen for your Saturday morning


You may not know that I have a …. a thing about Jane Austen. I don’t know how else to describe it. While “all-consuming obsession” might be a bit strong, I do firmly believe that if someone could come up with a Jane Austen religion, I would be first in line. I damn near worship the woman already.

So here are two links for your morning, both courtesy of Mama Bear, who understands, nay, encourages my thing about Jane:

One, a Jane MMO. Not quite Wolfenstein 3D, but promising.

Two, Jane’s words of wisdom make a boatload of sense in any situation. Dating, clearly, is no exception.

In actual library news, I remain completely surprised that not one teen – NOT ONE – has given any pushback about ID checking. Not one. When I ask for an ID, no one yet has said “Why?” I’m really surprised by it. We’re establishing a procedure – people need to either have a picture ID without their birthdate AND their library card (we can check DOBs in the system) or a picture ID with their birthday on it.

Now, for What’s Annabelle Reading, I just finished another winner from Laurie Halse Anderson. (Speak should be required reading for everyone, first of all.) I love historical fiction, and this was interesting and realistic and nicely written.


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  1. RE What’s Annie Reading? – Have you read any of Robert Girardi’s books? Try Madeleine’s Ghost or A Vaudeville of Devils. Wonderful stories, drop dead beautiful prose, plus he lives in DC…so I bet he’d do a “book talk” if you organize it…

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