Snowy Day Miscellany


We’re all snowed/iced in today, so I have a few things to share.

This past Saturday, I wasn’t working, but one of our programs was a Fairy Party. I’ve never seen one yet so comprehensively prepared, and it went off well. One of the components of it was that everyone, all attendees and staff, received fairy names. My coworker M had a few left over yesterday, and gave me one! So you may now address me as:


In other news…

I learned from Lizzie Skurnick that author Lila Pearl, author of the Fat Glenda books, passed away recently after battling breast cancer.

There was a new book we received yesterday that had me absolutely in stitches, from the brilliantly warped mind of Jon Scieszka. It’s called Battle Bunny, and it’s in the style of an old Golden Book that a young boy has revamped into something he’d really enjoy. Extremely clever. Now I wish I’d known about it to add it to my gift list post from a few weeks ago!

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I had a very YA weekend. In addition to Fever 1793, which I’ve already mentioned, I also read Jack Gantos’ prison memoir, Hole in My Life. I liked it, but I wanted more about how he became a writer after his stint in prison. I then read a book my coworker S recommended to me, Deadly, by Julie Chibbaro. I like historical fiction, and this is a fictionalized account of the hunt for “Typhoid Mary” Mallon. If you like the subject, then I recommend something I’d read before, Fever, by Mary Beth Keane.

That’s all for now, chickadees. Time to have some tea and head back to Bill Bryson (I’m in the middle of Don Quixote, but it’s slow going and I think I deserve a treat, don’t you?).


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