Prepping for a party


I’m exhausted; it’s been a busy Thursday. I got to work early, had a meeting about the Teens Advisory Group, but most notably we’re getting ready for our holiday party on Saturday. It’s the first program that I’ve taken a leadership role in, and I’m excited. We’re going to read stories every half hour – that’s four, for a two-hour party: a winter story, and then Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa – and we have lots of crafts prepared. We’ll also have a photo booth, which we had at Halloween. Here’s the background:


(You can’t see from here, but all the stockings have the staff’s names on them, and on the presents are the names of some of our managers/higher-ups in our system.)

Here’s your trusty narrator, posing with some of the props:


I wanted to test out the iPad we’d be using, so I volunteered to be photographed, then sent it to myself to see how quickly it went, and then we printed it out. One of our crafts is going to be printing out the photos and the kids can make frames for them.

I’m not really artsy… but I did make a dreidel! My perspective is off, and the gimel isn’t quite what I’d like,but, hey…glitter!


I feel like we’re ready to go.

Today I had one of the oddest experiences. A woman came into the teen space asking for books on math. (We often get adults who come into children’s or the teen space to look for books for children or themselves.) She needed to find books on how to convert inches into centimeters. We didn’t have any books with the formula, so I showed her how to convert them on Google, and mentioned that she could go to the computer lab on the first floor to use the computers there.

She shook her head, and said seriously that the staff told her she couldn’t come in there because she’s an old white honky woman. “I think they’re on cocaine!” she added, loudly, so that everyone could hear her. Then she went back to talking about math, and mentioned a few times in the conversation that her nephew had failed math and tried to kill himself.

(What is it about me that makes people want to tell me their life stories?)

As she was leaving, she told me that she thought she had a stroke, but she hadn’t told her doctor yet. Not sure how to respond to that – my brain was trying to process that AND come up with a response – I just said, “I hope you feel better, ma’am.”

Being in children’s and teen’s, we don’t get a lot of adults, and I think this was my first taste of one of our mentally ill patrons, apparently of whom there are many in the popular services area. I felt bad for her. Part of me wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it, but another part of me sensed that she wasn’t “just eccentric.”

I’m zonked, but here are some links.

First, if you’ve never had a peek inside JASNA – that’s the Jane Austen Society of North America, you n00bs – it’s full of die-hard Janeites.

Here are some famous authors as dolls. The Mark Twain one is really good.

Thanks to Mama Bear for the above two links. From friend D, want to smell the smells of Jane? You can!

This one from my Feedly stream hit home. I’ve been very careful on this blog not to reveal any specifics about who I am, where I work, or anything about our patrons that might identify them. Here are some good rules of thumb about venting from the Library Journal.

I’m off tomorrow, and off Monday, but I’m working the weekend. A random Friday off? I smell food shopping, old movies, and getting my car’s heat fixed. It’s lovely being productive on a weekday.


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