Party news and links galore


Our holiday party went so, so, so well. Reaaaaaalllly well. We had a good turnout, and my coworkers were all absolute stars. We read stories, made some great crafts, and sent the kids and their parents home happy and tired. 

I was thinking today how nice it would be in December 2014 if I had a “How did I do it?” reference for the people planning next year’s party. We kept the props from our photobooth, and I put them all, and our flyers and other materials in a file cabinet. I then made a document explaining the schedule, what we used that was helpful  – I don’t want to forget next year to put tablecloths down on the tables – and who did what and how many people we needed. 

That, I think, will take away a boatload of the work next year (and the stress)!

Now, speaking of boatloads, here’s a boatload of links for you, loyal readers:

I groaned at all of these. English majors will love them. Mama Bear sent them.

Speaking of puns, here’s a great gift idea, courtesy of Friend D. 

A family friend who’s a prolific author compiled some pretty neat “loved the book but hated the movie” facts

Ever wondered just how big Dracula’s castle is? Thought about the layout of Thornfield Hall? Wonder no more.

I’ve posted before about how libraries aren’t going anywhere. Besides, the public loves us more than baseball.

Now, lots of links from Mama Bear. One million (yes, one MILLION) public domain images have hit the net. Thanks, British Library!

Are there feminist YA fantasy books? Yup.

I’m Marianne Dashwood. 

I’ve never even heard my word before. Bagsy? 

And finally, Bloomsbury hired a new illustrator for their new editions of the Harry Potter books. What do you think? 


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  1. i sense some planning skills learned from RA-dom (so that one can avoid the improve kids getting a non-improv RA and not playing the way “it MUST BE DONE” to avoid rebellions. wirh a smidge of my second stepmom thrown in….she’d send us each to set up an area for their holiday party armed with photos from multiple angles of the properly assembled “piece” (i.e. decorative and useful tools for the coffee area)

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