I’m a little bit cranky today because I found out that one of my favorite people in my group has been transferred to another library in the system. We’re all told that that can happen at any time, but – grr. I don’t like the idea of my fabulous team being broken up. I guess the good side is that she’ll make friends at her new branch, and we get to meet cool new people too, to invite to our happy hours. 

Our teens do a lot of things in the teen space, but I did have one do something completely unexpected: a Muslim teen asked if he could use our small study room for his midday prayers. Of course, I said. I offered to close the door, but he said it didn’t matter, and it was nice to have a small corner of the often chaotic teen space be tranquil for a few minutes.

We usually have art projects on Friday afternoons, but we’re going to start doing more with STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (often you might see STEM programs, but, hey, art’s important too, right?). To that end, I designed a flyer advertising our new initiative, and made a board for it. I borrowed half of one and came up with something I like quite a bit:


(It’s a little blurry; sorry. I’m better at cutting out steam puffs than I am taking pictures.) And the good thing is that we had a lot of great books to choose from to put up – some of them are already circulating. How about that?

Today got a lot better when I got home after a two-bloody-hour commute, with an envelope in the mail from Mama Bear, who sent me the new packet of Harry Potter stamps. Thanks, Mama B.

Now, some fun links, mostly brought to you by Buzzfeed:

Still need some excellent gift ideas (for me)? Got this treasure trove from Friend D.

I don’t understand this list of books that have been banned at Gitmo. Will Jack and the Beanstalk provoke an insurrection? I don’t know. (Also, Time people, you misspelled Frederick Douglass’ name.)

From Mama Bear: independent bookstores are in far more danger than libraries are, but don’t count them out yet.

Now for an assload of awesome Buzzfeed links:

This set of books re-imagined for college students had me on the floor laughing.

Hyperventilate along with me at the first glimpse of the poster for The Fault in Our Stars.

Buzzfeed came out with their top 20 children’s books so far this year, starting off with Jon Scieszka’s Battle Bunny, which I think I linked to the other day.

You’ll always have a place in your heart for the books you loved as a kid. I’m living proof. Here are some series that Buzzfeed folks got nostalgic about. [Sister A and I have always loved, loved, loved, the Malory Towers series, she more so than I did, but we both really obsessed over the St. Clare’s series (without the awful modern covers). When Sister A went off to boarding school as a ninth-grader, I had a sneaking suspicion that those books were the reason why, and I’m probably not wrong.]

Finally, ho ho ho, some holiday classics. Glad they included Herschel and the Hanukkah Goblins; a terrific retelling of a great folk story, with some excellent drawings to match.

In our latest installment of What’s Annabelle Reading, Friend D gave me the whole Malcolm Gladwell library – thank you! So awesome! – and I’ve zipped through Outliers and The Tipping Point so far. I’d never read them because I thought they were self-help books, which I sort of look at cockeyed, but they’re neat social psychology books, along the lines of Freakonomics. I definitely recommend them.

I’m taking a break between Gladwells to read some YA, starting off with Robin McKinley’s Sunshine. But I’m not into it. I may give up, which I don’t normally do. Vampires, fine, Robin McKinley, fine, but this isn’t doing it for me.


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