Just some links


Why watch the Ravens get smothered by the Patriots – no one talk to me tomorrow, please – when I can share some interesting links?

From Mama Bear, not sure I agree with all of these, but here are some great literary catchphrases through the years.

Who wants to go to San Francisco with me?

From Friend D, a poetic salute to literary ladies.

Harry Potter emojis. Sign me up!

I think reading about Jane Austen and game theory would be an interesting adventure… if perhaps a bit of a stretch.

Need something to read? I trust Buzzfeed. (And I linked to Tampa in a previous post. It’s still unsettling now, a few weeks later.)

I’d always sort of harbored a hope that someday I’d read all the books in the world. (If Francie Nolan thinks she can do it, why couldn’t I?) Maybe all the books in our children’s collection. I don’t know. But that’s going to be impossible, sadly. While it is a disappointment, it’s also a relief; I can read this for the eighty-damn-billionth time and not feel guilty about it.)

Enjoy your Sunday nights, chickadees!


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