Monday Miscellany


Just a bunch of random things to share with you, my dear readers.

One, I think my library has a ghost. I’m sort of joking and sort of not. The other day, one of the toilets in the attached little boys’ room flushed early in the morning, when I was the only one there. I’d have dismissed that as a quirk in the plumbing if a book hadn’t flown off the top of a shelf tonight. It’s not as if it tumbled out of its own accord – it really was out there, onto the floor. And no one was near it; indeed, we were in the dead 10-minutes-to-closing zone.

We’ve named everything else in the kids’ room – the Melissa and Doug giraffes are Sir Humphrey and Mistress Mildred, and their son is named Nigel, for instance – so why not name our ghost? Suggestions are welcome.

Two, in other news, my Threadless shirt arrived! I am such a nerd.

Three, I have to figure out what to wear tomorrow. We’re working only a half-day, and then going out to lunch. Being Jewish, I don’t have anything particularly Christmassy, so perhaps something sparkly instead? (I think the Threadless shirt wouldn’t be warm enough, alas.)

It’s going to be a strange day, open for only four hours. I can see us being really busy (teens, particularly, with nothing to do and wanting to stay out of the way) or being really quiet (it’s Christmas Eve). So we shall see.

Now, for What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished a book that is what I call “sticky.” If to me, a book is sticky, it means I keep thinking about it after I put it down. (So keep that in mind for when I use that term in the future!) I finished The Panopticon, and I want to find and read a sequel, immediately. To do some book math, it’s like this + this. I also read – completely unrelated – My Friend Dahmer (I know, I know), a graphic novel about Jeffrey Dahmer as he was in high school, from one of his acquaintances. Both were sticky, but The Panopticon more so.


Toddlers can be a particularly challenging group. Here’s one librarian’s reflections on her experiences.

I’m really excited to subscribe to this.

I’ve seen some of these, but not all of these. If it’s your thing, subscribe to this blog to see more.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, chickadees!


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