The Christmas Rush


Who says that Christmas is quiet around a library? ‘Cause I can tell you that that’s ridiculous. We were superbusy today, and I hear we’ll be even superbusier this weekend, which I am lucky enough to work (I do love working weekends, usually).

My coworker M made a big-ass, incredibly awesome Facebook display. She worked really hard on it; don’t you think it came out fantastically?


It’s super-impressive.

Last week I got a couple of interesting moments with some of our adult patrons – the woman who came in asking if she could have some coloring sheets to give as Christmas gifts, the woman who asked if we had anything interesting for free that she could have (she went away happy with a pamphlet of branch hours and offerings), and the guy I call Mr. Creepy, who just loves to “come in and say hello.” When this happens, I am suddenly very busy. And you know what? There was a full moon that day. One of the first-season episodes of ER dealt with precisely the full-moon phenomenon, when the weird happens. This is undisputably true.

Links? Links.

Apparently bannings are on the rise. Not okay. (If you’re interested in a terrific take on censorship, check out this book, edited by you-know-who.)

Can there really be a new Millennium book without Stieg Larsson at the helm? It’s happening, but will it be any good?

I will be reading this.

Flavorwire listed their 10 best debut novels of 2013. I’ve read/written about two of them, Panopticon and Tampa, the latter of which Mama Bear is currently reading. (She told me on the phone tonight, “I hate it but I can’t put it down. It makes me want to take a shower.”) She did not, incidentally, read the plot summary before downloading it, but this is part of the experience of reading something on someone’s recommendation, no?

Some of the greatest monsters in children’s lit. Creepy.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I just finished Cartwheel. It’s a thinly fictionalized version of the Amanda Knox story, but it was written so oddly, particularly in the way the characters talked. Way too clever for cleverness’ sake. It didn’t ring true with me.


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