This is silly


For the first time since I started my job, I’m a bit nervous about going in tomorrow, simply because it’s probably going to be so busy. I love busy – it is much better than it being dead quiet – but from what I’ve heard from Boss and others, it’s going to be just this side of bananas. So we’ll see.

Hey, links!

From Sister A, Buzzfeed – and you know how I love Buzzfeed – ranked their best YA books of 2013. Note that two books from Rainbow Rowell – Fangirl, which I haven’t yet read, and Eleanor and Park, which I have, have both made it. But I recognized a lot of books on this list, because their circulation has been up in our teen space. And they all sound interesting.

It’s only in the past few years that I’ve been made aware of book trailers. You know, like movie trailers, but with books. These fiction ones that have won the “Nerdies” all have some video introduction content, which sort of cracks me up.

You know how I feel about Samantha. So when I saw this comparison between how Samantha dresses and how Duchess Kate – who is absolutely an A+ in everything she wears – dressed like Samantha on Christmas, I had to link to it. If Samantha wears it, then it’s fabulous. And Kate doesn’t look bad in anything, so I knew it would be a great article.

You also know how I feel about Doctor Who. (I have a lot of feels about Doctor Who, as it happens *shakes fist at Steven Moffatt*). My favorite library blog featured a piece on the Doctor, and if I thought my patrons would be interested, I’d have run a program for the 50th. Sadly, I didn’t think it would have flown. I’ve never dressed up to do cosplay, though I do own a few pretty awesome DW shirts. Like this. And this. And this. /random Doctor Who shirtbragging over.

Oh, I almost forgot. Guess what I finished tonight? Another spectacular offering from Libba Bray. I’ve liked everything I’ve read from her – the Gemma Doyle series and The Diviners. She won the Printz award for Going Bovine, which I haven’t read yet (but I will). She gets teenage girls. Hell, she almost makes me want to be a teenage girl again. But let’s not go too far.

Happy weekend, my dear chickadees!


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