More surprises


One of the reasons I love my job so much is because there are always new experiences and surprises around the corner. Such as….

1) Another surprise storytime on Friday! We had quite a few babies, so I pulled out some books (Circus, by Lois Ehlert, and Maisy Goes to the Library, by Lucy Cousins) and did a snowman flannel rhyme in honor of the inch we’d gotten overnight. Both are good books, but were each a little too long for baby lapsit. I would have chosen them for our preschoolers, perhaps.


Five little snowmen / sitting on a sleigh / let’s wave goodbye / as they ride away

(Then four little, then three…) I know there’s a real rhyme or song to go with it, but I couldn’t remember in time. So I just made one up on the fly and had the kids say the numbers with me, and we waved energetically.

2) I spent an hour in the non-fiction section, since they needed some emergency coverage. Lots of questions – and all interesting ones. One patron was curious about why he couldn’t log on to one of the online databases. Another asked for resources on the Civil Rights act on 1964. Yet another wanted me to find him true-life stories about mobsters. So neat!

3) While I was having fun finding books in non-fiction, a patron decided to have a pee on the floor in front of my boss’ office. The men’s bathroom was literally five feet away – no joke.

And now, some links:

I like reading Not Always Right, and suddenly saw an entry that is totally not unlike something we might see at our library. It wasn’t our library, but this kind of stuff happens all the time.

A sequel to The Diviners is on its way!

Happy belated birthday to J.R.R. Tolkien – here are some fun facts about him.

This has me cracking up. I loved the Babysitters Club back in the day.

Kids will always tell the truth about everything.

From Mama Bear, a link about “libricide” – burning books always pisses me off.

Some gorgeous illustrations from early editions of Jane’s novels. (And a little plug for Goucher College in Baltimore, which I hold dear to my heart – it’s not my alma mater, but that of family – they have a huge Austen collection, and you can buy some notecards with those illustrations on them. I have about 8 packs at home.)

Finally, I went a little bananas when I saw this. As in sorta stopped breathing for a minute or two.

And in What’s Annabelle Reading, I’ve been delinquent on this part of the post lately – my apologies. I looooved Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink – why we make snap judgments, and sometimes how that can be beneficial. For a palate-cleanser, I reread A Reliable Wife, which is always interesting. I love the writing, but only just this time thought “meh” about the story. Finally, and I don’t care if it was shortlisted for the Man Booker prize, and if it was beautifully written, absolutely nothing happened in The Quickening MazeA plot is important, and I gave up on the book about 50 pages to the end.  Now reading something I can’t wait to share with everyone – but you’ll have to wait till I finish…


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