Toddler Storytime – Thursday, January 9


I’m on a bit of a high at the moment after coming off of my first toddler storytime, for ages 2 and 3. I had *** get ready *** 60 (!!!!) children and adults, some as walk-ins, and some as group, mostly from the daycares in the surrounding area.

I start every storytime introducing myself. I haven’t yet had to add on a “please put your cell phones away,” like some other librarians do, but unfortunately I’ll probably have to do that in the future.

Opening song: Hello, How are You?

First rhyme: Open/Shut Them (note for now and always: the people in the video are not me!)

First book: When the Rooster Crowed, which, as you know, I’ve used before, and it worked really well, having the kids say the animal noises with me.

Second rhyme: the Itsy-Bitsy Spider (I’m not giving you words for this; you know it)

Second book: Meow Said the Cowabout a mischievous cat who mixes up the animals’ noises on its farm. To keep the kids aware of the right noises, I would say, “Wow, the cow is saying meow! What do cows usually say? (Moo with the kids). What animal usually says meow? (A cat!) Isn’t that silly? They’re mixed up!” I think it may have been a bit confusing for toddlers, so I think it might work better with the preschoolers.

Third rhyme: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (again, not giving you the words)

Closing rhyme: My Hands Say Thank You (a slight variation of this)

Closing song: If You’re Happy and You Know it, with David Carter’s book. It has great variations, like “say hooray,” and “pat your head.” 

Hooray! So much fun!


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