Just links tonight


I just got a fabulous bunch of links (originally typed “leeks,” which is awesome) in my latest Feedly. So here they are.

I don’t think this is going to work, and if it didn’t put my livelihood in jeopardy, I’d think it would be kind of a cool idea.

When your god and mine Judy Blume says to read something, read it.

Claudia Kishi FTW, naturally.

I didn’t always agree with his politics, but his poetry was always bitchin’.

Washington, D.C. is getting a new library chief.

And finally, why, yes. Yes I would.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I love history, and historical fiction is generally fabulous, but I was greatly disappointed by The Queen’s Lover, which was really just a lot of Marie Antoinette’s history, blah blah Diamond Necklace Affair Varennes beheading blah blah blah from the point of view of her (alleged) lover, Count Axel Fersen of Sweden, and his sister. Blah blah. Forgettable. If you’re going to read about Marie Antoinette, stick with a straight biography, such as this excellent one.


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