Sunday, Snotty Sunday


(Sorry, Bono.)

Today happened to be a super-busy Sunday, and it turned out to be kind of wretched on my end because not only am I in the middle of a temperature-changing cold, but about halfway into my shift, I got a migraine. Luckily, I always carry emergency meds with me, so I was back to relatively normal in about an hour (Treximet is a wonder drug). Still, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be crawling into bed in about half an hour.

Anyway, when I wasn’t seeing auras or blowing my nose, it was a pretty neat day. I was able to help a lot of patrons (finding books for a teacher, books on the Spartans or octopuses (pi?). The neatest part was that a patron was looking for some comic books, and couldn’t remember that one was called. She only remembered that there were a lot of blond characters. So with some help from Mr. Google and his images, we realized it was Foxtrot! Hooray! Those are the moments that are really fabulous for me as a librarian, because we puzzled through and she was able to get what she wanted.


What, you never kept a wild animal in your dorm room? Amateur.

If you’re gonna get a mugshot taken, rock it with some chicken pox.


Have I mentioned how stoked I am for Kate DiCamillo to be the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature? She’s also apparently really, really nice. (Thanks to Friend D for this and the links above.)


From my hometown paper, and thanks to Sister A, an article on Lizzie Skurnick, who as you know, rocks my socks.

This is an excellent idea. I wish this were more widespread.

Add to this: Catching Fire is the first female-helmed movie in 40 years – FORTY YEARS – to take the yearly box office trophy.

I remember a lot of these.

Thanks to Friend A for sending me this nice little piece of crazy.

I really was pleased to see The House of Mirth – one of my top three favorite books – on this list.

Super cool!

Free book delivery is a stalwart of a free America…. or, um, a free France….

In What’s Annabel Reading, remember how I was not thrilled with some recent historical fiction? I just read a book that was a million times better (though still not great), and well-written, and the true story behind it was fascinating. It was an impulse grab, and it was good, but ended a little too neatly for my taste. LIFE ISN’T NEAT! How many times do I have to say that on this blog?!

I also whipped very quickly through a sticky graphic novel – remember what sticky means, chickadees? Hard to believe that the guy who experienced such bleakness was able to spit out one of my favorite children’s books.

Bedtime. Stay snot-free, my dears.


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