Classics vs. Updates


With an off-day today I have lots of time and also the realization that guilt isn’t the best reason for me to update my blog. I have to have things to say, which is why I’ve waited a few days.

Thinking about adaptations also has me thinking about classics. (They’re related in my head, I promise.) Our series section just got a fabulous influx of original Nancy Drews and Hardy boys. You know which ones – bound in yellow and blue with the pen-and-ink cover drawings. Remember those? Don’t they look all nice lined up on our cart? And did I mention we got the whole series? I really geeked out about that.


In this next picture you can see our Nancy Drew collection – there are about a billion spinoffs (that might be a slight exaggeration), modernized.


Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew for younger readers, The Nancy Drew Diaries,  a continuation of the series, the Nancy Drew Notebooks, tie-ins with the Hardy Boys series … you get the picture. I’ll be interested to see, as part of my work on the series, which ones are the most popular – will the classics be as interesting as the new ones? Will they circulate? Time will tell.

I’m very excited about Saturday, which is our Chinese New Year party, and Sunday, when I’ll be having my program for teens on resume/cover letter/job applications. I just hope we have a lot of attendees for both of them.

Now, chickadees, some links!

If you’re interested in reading some good recaps of Flowers in the Attic and Sherlock, here they are.

What would have happened to Harry and the gang if Voldemort had won the Battle of Hogwarts?

I got The Capitol from The Hunger Games. This means I like good food and fashion (guilty as charged, Your Honor).

An interesting article about “the Starbucks effect.” Working at a main branch, I definitely see it: people treating the library as a “third place,” aside from home and work. I love it.

I have a particular interest in intellectual property and the public domain – more about that in my next post, based on what I’m reading now – so this article about Norway really intrigued me.

What can you do with an old card catalog? Lots of things! I even have a pair of friends getting married later this year – congrats, J&E! – who are interested in working one into their decorations.

This is from Friend D, and though it sounds silly – fairies? – never underestimate the importance of culture and fairy tales in a society.

From Mama Bear, and the folks at Flavorwire, 25 YA novels everyone should read. It’s a solid list of new, old, fantasy, reality, scifi, etc., but I am quite irritated that the book that started it all, The Outsiders, is not included.

Also from Mama Bear: Woo hoo!

Finally, two pictures from the set of The Giver. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

It’s been a while since an installation of What’s Annabelle Reading, because I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on one book, which was worth it. I love both fiction and non-fiction about royalty, and The Heir Apparent, a biography of Edward VII, did not disappoint. 

Next, I’d seen that The Shining Girls was available for download immediately from my library, so I checked it out because I heard it was one of the big books of the summer. But it was a huge letdown. Basically, it’s a story about a time-traveling serial killer out to murder a certain group of girls in various eras of American history. But we never find out why these girls are so important to the killer or what it means to him that they “shine.” So, meh. 


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