Gung Hay Fat Choy!



So it’s not quite Chinese New Year yet, but we had a bang-up program today that was well-attended and just so much fun. All props to my coworker C, who organized it in addition to also running today’s Family Fun Time storytime (with a funny hat on to boot).

We started off with a storytime led by yours truly. I was pleased with the stories I chose:


First I greeted my storytimers – about 6, but a great group, average age about 5 – and taught them how to say hello in Chinese (ni hao!). We started off with Chinatownwhich helped set the tone for the storytime, and included the phrase “gung hay fat choy,” which I’m sure I pronounced wrong, meaning “Happy new year.” Then we read Bringing in the New Year, a great storytime book – colorful pictures, not an overwhelming amount of text – and I got to use the words Jie Jie and Mei Mei, meaning “big sister” and “little sister,” respectively. Finally, I’d found a terrific book in our fairytale section (398.2, thank you very much), Story of the Chinese Zodiac, which had both English and Chinese text. Very pretty cutout pictures. These stories got us in the mood for arts and crafts time…


at which we made dragons (far right) and Chinese lanterns (I made that one, surprise surprise).

Then…. then!…. the real fun began. We all went on a parade around the library, around the second floor, where the children’s section is located, and on the first floor. We had some shakers made out of coffee tins with beans inside, and we waved our lanterns and shouted “Happy new year!” and carried around our stuffed snake, which we pretended was a dragon. Not one person scowled at us. Not one person looked cranky. Not one person shushed us. All we got were smiles and cheers and waves in response to our noisiness – I think the kids just loved the fact that we were encouraging them to be noisy, to which I responded, “Wait till Purim” – and our parade leader, my coworker M, handed out fortunes pasted on horses (it’s the Year of the Horse) to passersby and people observing us. It was a delight.

(Sorry, this is the best picture I got, of us parading through nonfic. Can you see the “dragon” and the girl at the front holding the sun?)


One of my favorite days at work.

A few links, all thanks to Buzzfeed:

This is sooooo true. #figureoutyourandyoure

Which women authors are you reading this year? (Oh, and this reminds me, earlier today I fangirled out over the Anne of Green Gables movie with a 7-year-old; it was fun.)

I got 15!

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished Malcolm Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw, and I was particularly intrigued by his essay “Something Borrowed,” about plagiarism, and how it felt when it happened to him. Next, I haven’t finished it yet – I will after about 3 minutes of reading – but I’m rereading Ready Player One, which is absolutely one of my favorite books of the past few years. I love it more each time I read it. Fans of the 80s, pop culture, underdogs, and Wil Wheaton – who reads the audiobook – will love it, too.


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