Full of links, low on content


Not a whole lot to share – I’ve spent a boatload of time this week on the teen desk, and have met some really sweet teens (and those aren’t words I thought I’d use together!), and seen some of my favorite little dudes in children’s. (Is it wrong to have favorite patrons? I treat everyone equally, with respect and a smile, but some patrons are easier to like than others.)

I did experience a trifecta of fail today in Teens, with a guy who was using someone else’s card (a no-no), that said he was 22 (also a no-no), when in fact he was 16 and should have been in school (nope, and thanks for playing). I’ve also become frustrated with some teens who break rules they know they’re not supposed to break. They’ve been banned on the issue before (in this case, having lights out in the studio). Why do they do that? It’ll just result in a ban – what’s the point?

I haven’t posted about my resume and cover letter workshop yet, but for the two participants we had, I like to think it went well. (Hmph.) I left a pile of the handout packets in Teens, and noticed that they have been disappearing, so that’s at least something. But I’m looking forward to trying it again, when the time is right and I can do a lot more advertising.

Now, here’s a lot of links, with the most important one first: the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars!! (SQUEEEEE)

Libraries aren’t static, and they’re not relics of the past, either. Here’s a glimpse of some libraries of the future.

Gilderoy Lockhart was a strange character in the Harry Potter books – I’m glad to learn a bit more about him.

#4, particularly. IQ64 is a hefty tome.

Congratulations, Kate DiCamillo, on winning the Newbery forFlora and Ulysses!  Locomotive took home the Caldecott.

I don’t remember when I first heard of different covers on books in the UK and US. I have a lot of friends who collect the Harry Potter books from both sides of the pond. The rationale behind two different covers baffles me, but it’s interesting how they can differ.

Don’t break the spines. It really screws up the books.

Harry Potter seems to be a running theme throughout this post. Here’s some great HP-themed insults.

Is this real? Because of course Lemony Snicket would come up with this.

These are so cool!

Mama Bear and Sister A and I all agree on these, particularly number 2.

This one’s from Friend D. Hearing an author’s voice is transformative. You don’t quite read books the same way after. Ladies and gentlemen, Virginia Woolf.

With thanks to Mama Bear for most of today’s links.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I just finished rereading an old favorite, The Lady in Red. I mean, what’s more interesting than an 18th century sex scandal that can rival anything Hollywood or Washington can cook up? I finished it on the bus home tonight, and am about to start my last Malcolm Gladwell, David and Goliath.


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