Baby Storytime, Friday, February 7


…and other things!

We had a good crowd yesterday, about 15 babies and their parents, for baby storytime. I did lots of singing, starting off with Busy Fingers and then some rhymes and songs, with Ten Tiny Babies and The Babies on the Bus. I tried a new version of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” with this book by Jane Cabrera (which was a little long, so I skipped some stanzas). They were all good participation books, and I’ll definitely use them all again.


I ended up not using my new felt, but I want to show it off anyway, because it’s so cute (to toot my own horn). It’s for The Five Little Ducks (you know the song, “Five little ducks went out one day/over the hill and far away/Mother duck said ‘quack quack quack quack’/but only four little ducks came back”). How cute are they? Bet you can tell which one is Mother Duck!


Don’t you love her pearls, hat, and bag?

After that, we had a full house for the preschool storytime, so I did an impromptu one with the overflow kids. I read them Strega Nona and The Day the Crayons Quit (obviously their favorite, since one of the crayons was naked).

Today was the party for one of the neighborhood libraries where two of my friends work. It just recently reopened after years of renovations. They kept the original windows and fireplace – really gorgeous.



The children’s area is the whole second floor – lots of light and space. Smaller than what I have at my branch, but so much nicer. Classic. I even got to decorate my own cupcake (possibly my favorite part).


In other news, I calculate from my “read books” list that I read about 50 books between starting my job at the library in September and the end of the year. (I only started marking the date of return just before I started at the library.) Conservative math says I read about 150 books last year. Woo!

Now, chickadees, only a few links:

Two links I found on CNN: one, 100 books to read in a lifetime, and the other, just in time for Hallmark Heart Day, ten books to read after a breakup.

I got Fanny Price – yay! A little wishy-washy, and not so much me, but could have been worse….

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I read Malcolm Gladwell’s most recent one, David and Goliathwhich was shorter than most of his others, and not as interesting as they are. This brings me to the end of my Gladwell books – I loved them – they made me think! Thanks, Friend D. Next, I picked up the oral history of Nickelodeon, Slimed, which really took me back to my childhood. A quick read. And then, a book that I think might be one of my first favorites of 2014, for one of my book clubs: Kindred, by Octavia Butler. It bills itself as science fiction/African-American literature, and it’s much more the latter than the former. (A young black woman in 1976 is magically transported back and forth between her time and the early 1800s, to try and save the life of one of her ancestors.) It’s terrific – please pick it up.


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