Feedback… and it feels so good


One of the moments I’d been hoping for in the library finally happened yesterday, and it felt just as good as I’d hoped it would. So many people come in and out, taking out books, returning them… but I never get any follow-up. 

But recently I’d spent some time with a lovely woman who wanted to help her niece improve her reading skills. The niece loved Dora and Doc McStuffins, so I found a bunch of easy readers in those characters – and more – and she thought they’d be a success. Last night, she came back, and with her niece in tow, and both of them told me that the reading practice was a hit, particularly with those books, and could they have more? Could they? I piled half the library into their arms!

Sometimes I feel that the library is like an ER. Not so much “treat ’em and street ’em” (thanks, Sherry Stringfield), but in that we recommend books and we help patrons find what they need, and then they’re off, back to their lives, and we are left wondering if we were useful to them. Did they like the books I recommended? Did it they get those jobs they’d applied for? We hardly ever know, if my experience so far has been any indication. So working again with this aunt and niece pair was a huge, huge highlight of my time at my library.

I’ve also become a lot tougher during my time here. Today, a dude was spewing obscenities at me as security escorted him from the Teen Space (no, I didn’t call security on you because you were eating, I called security on you because you were eating, and when I told you you’d have to leave, you sat there and pretended you didn’t hear or see me. That is why, my friend.).  In the first few months here, I would have probably gotten some squigglies in my belly, or my adrenaline would have started rushing. Maybe this was just a low-key incident, but I was just like, boomI’m taking care of this silliness.

All good things.

Now, some links, my chickadees (almost all of these are from Mama Bear, so I’m giving her credit now).

I was a little too old when this was popular, but I do know Sister A was a fan.

There are some books that I think are terribly written, have poorly developed characters or are just plain awful. (I’ll say it: I think the Twilight and Fifty Shades of Gray books were sophomoric and generally terrible. Didn’t stop me from reading them all for scientific purposes, but those are hours I’ll never get back.) But I’m not going to hate on someone for reading (crap), because at least they’re reading (even if it’s what I consider crap). 

11 reasons to date me.

I’m including this because words are fun.

This is okay by me because Bring Up the Bodies was so rad. If she pulls off a Booker trifecta with the third installment, I will flip.

What librarians look like. (Another favorite Tumblr worth reading, in a similar vein, is this one.)

Pretty, but not for everyone

Erik Blegvad, illustrator, recently passed away. (He did the cover art on one of the saddest but loveliest books I know.)

What a cool idea

And finally, from Mama Bear, to which she added, “Once I find an author I like, this is what I’ve been doing.” Truth; she reads whole series at a time when she finds an author she likes. 

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I read Deborah Feldman’s Unorthodoxwhich was fascinating. And then – against a coworker’s advice – I picked up Stacey Schiff’s Cleopatra, which was boring, just as she’d warned me it would be. Life’s too short to read boring books – particularly with the list I have – so I figured, eh, screw it, and picked up something new. 


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  1. Interesting post and yes you are right, if people opt to read crap, then they are at least reading. By way of a coincidence, guess who was at my graduation Ceremony for the bestowal of Honorary Masters Degree? Hilary Mantel, a friend of my tutor Celia Brayfield; another author who writes historical meta-fiction.

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