Big hearts and big smiles


(Wow, that was super-cheesy.)

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but it’s a pretty big deal around the library.  I was off on the 14th, but we had all exchanged valentines among ourselves. Quite a few were really hilarious – literary references, puns and puns (One of mine read “I want tibia your valentine” with a picture of a leg bone), lots of fun. Librarians are smart, educated people with a weakness for silliness, and Valentine’s Day encourages it.

Yesterday (again, off), I had a bit of a busman’s holiday by popping into children’s – I needed a book from the library anyway, I swear – to see how Coworker A’s STEAM program was going.

(Have I mentioned STEAM? It stands for science-technology-engineering-arts-math and each Friday at 4 p.m. is a different STEAM program.)

Anyway, A put together a catapult program for STEAM. I made one – isn’t it cute?


Picture a bottlecap glued down where I drew the heart, serving as a launching pad. It’s quite fun, and we talked about launching different objects – cotton balls, M&Ms, pennies, Cheerios, and how far they might each go, and why they would go different distances.

I plan to use it to cause mischief.

Today was the Valentine’s Day party in the children’s section. I missed it all, ensconced in Teens – we were a bit short-handed, so I held down the teenage fort myself for most of it, incident-free, I might add – but I helped Coworker C set up for the party.

He made a tic-tac-toe board and a few heart-shaped animals (talk about cute) to guide the patrons.


Patrons could also use pipe cleaners to twist into hearts and glasses and crowns. You can see my heart-shaped glasses that C made for me while I was coming up with… well, you’ll have to see in the next paragraph. I wore them all day. The teens thought I was a bit bananas, but they always sort of think I’m bananas just in being an adult.


So what was I working on? I came up with a scavenger hunt – to search for certain books, DVDs, CDs, or magazines, and inside them would be cut-out hearts. There were 20 tasks, and 20 hearts (see the example below, from James and the Giant Peach).


The whole day was a success, so I hear! It makes me glad.

Just a few links today (and a whole lot of content, what a switch!):

Marriage and Hermione apparently just don’t mix.

What’s your preferred love story? Try this infographic.

Oh, in other news, apparently the next book in J. K. Rowling’s Cormorant Strike series – the one that began with the surprisingly good The Cuckoo’s Calling – will be out in June.

in What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished The Tale of Murasaki, by Liza Dalby, who is the first Western woman to ever become a geisha. The novel is the fictionalized life of Lady Murasaki, who wrote what is considered the first ever real novel, The Tale of Genji.  Which, sigh, I’ve never read, but want to.


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