Lots of little things


My darling readers, I’ve been neglecting you. Tsk tsk. Bad Annabelle. Well, lucky you, you get an update and a boatload of links – how does that sound?

It’s been a quiet bit of time at the library. Yesterday I took a “See Something, Do Something” training, which was taught by some of our security officers. Much of what was taught I already knew – how to write an incident report (since I’ve gotten quite good at those), how to work with difficult patrons) – but other things, as in what to do during an earthquake, a tornado, or even an active shooter situation. I sincerely hope I never have to use any of them, but these are important things to know. 

Lately I’ve been working on adding lots of material to the website: an entry about the STEAM program I’ll be teaching next week, etc. 

Lots of meetings next week, and two storytimes, too. It’s going to be a busy end of February.

Today’s good feeling: a mom came in and needed a book for her son that the catalog said was checked out. I found it for her, brought it to her, and you would have thought I’d given her a million dollars. She was very happy. And that makes me happy.

Who wants links? I do, I do!

James Patterson wants independent bookstores to succeed, and he’s giving a lot of dough to make that happen. Excitingly, one of my favorite hometown bookstores has been given one of his grants

This makes me really flipping mad.

Sometimes it’s fun to get really sucked into a big doorstop of a book. Here are some chunky ones worth your time.

Lady characters who really should have their own series.

Happy birthday, Harriet M. Welsch! (Don’t forget the M.)

I could have written this, but I didn’t.

Congratulations to my Birthday Twin, John Green! 

Who decides what becomes a classic? Who gets to make that decision? How does it happen? If they could, some authors would add their favorites to the list of classics.

Alternatively, what books are past their primes?

So they’re making a Flowers in the Attic sequel – here’s some casting news.

The end of a long legal battle for Harper Lee.

I love punctuation. I’ve made some enemies over it in my time, even. But you can’t mess with the semicolon.

Enough with all the shoulds, already!

A very well-thought out list that parents should read.

What are the top 100 books at the Harvard Book Store? Take a look; some might surprise you.

I love Buzzfeed, and I like the Murakami books I’ve read, but this quiz went over my head.

For the record, it’s JOHNS Hopkins University, but despite that egregious error, this is an okay read.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I was desperate for something to read, so I grabbed up Gone Girl, which I’d really liked before when I read it, and I remember how clever it was. Then, one of my e-books came in, so I read that: The Bling Ring, about a group of teens who burglarized celebrities’ homes in LA. (It was made into a movie with Emma Watson.) It was an easy, quick, fluffy read.


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  1. The most exciting part of our emergency training/refresher last year (we had a bunch of new staff) was discovering an emergency exit in the basement we had forgotten (or never knew) was there and my own special contribution. See, our upstairs has two exits at the far left, and the staircase, the rest of the whole upstairs has no exit, if you can’t get to the other end, you’re stuck…or so everyone thought, until I added my little gem…all the windows lining that area not only have no screens, they have an old-fashioned little twist lock that you can open in five seconds and it’s an easy drop to the ground below! I learned this from the teens, who kindly tested it for me.

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