STEAM Team Friday, February 28


I know I’ve talked about STEAM before on here, so I won’t go into what it is. I liked watching my coworkers do theirs, but the idea of doing one myself made me a little nervous. I’m an English major! What do I know about science? Science and technology, ahhhh, engineering, slightly better, math, yikes, arts, okay, but Coworker C had done hers last week on Andy Warhol, so arts was out. For my first STEAM, being a dentist’s daughter, I figured I’d go with what I know – teeth.

I liked the flyer I put out – of course I had to put a pun in there.


I had a turnout of 7, which is pretty good, and they were all excited to participate and interact. It was a lot of fun! We started off with learning about the types of teeth that people have in their mouths.


I’ve gotten much better at coloring inside the lines throughout the years.

Then I shared some silly and fun facts about teeth. The one at the bottom of this page, about the donkey – the kids could not get over it. They laughed so hard at the idea of kissing a donkey that it was probably the highlight of the program for them.


(On the other side of the page are more facts, plus sources. Once an English major, always an English major.)

Finally, we put together tooth diaries. We decorated plain pieces of paper to serve as the fronts and backs.


Stapled within it, double-sided, are these pages:


I expected the kids to sort of half-ass the decoration part, but they put a lot of care and detail into it. They loved showing their parents what they did, and the parents thanked me for putting on such a good program! It was a real winner.

After such a great post, I hate to put in two rants, so here you go:

1) In the teen space, when you walk in, right in front of you on a pole, you can’t miss it, it’s REALLY OBVIOUS, is a sign that says TEEN SPACE, for ages 13 – 19 or something like that. In big letters. On a bright green, almost neon background. I can’t tell you how many people walk into teen space with strollers or babies and go, “Oh, this isn’t the children’s area?” I’m sorry, did you miss that huge, glaring sign in front of you that read “TEEN SPACE”? Are you just that unobservant?

2) One of the teens the other day asked me to spell “cartoon.” And it was during the day, so he had to be either 18 or 19. So we talked about the sounds in it – the hard C, the “oo” vowel sound, and eventually (“Is there a ‘w’ in it?”) we got it right. What is the matter with our educational system in this country that our teenagers cannot spell a basic word?

So now this isn’t funny anymore.

Anyway, in links:

Happy, happy belated birthday to Theodor Seuss Geisel! Here’s what he can teach adults. Here are some facts I bet you didn’t know about our good doctor.

Shakespeare isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, including mine. Sure, I like the tragedies – I like my plays to end with dead bodies littering the stage – but I never was a huge fan of the comedies. If more of these come out, I’d be a fan.

From Friend D: this is frightening.

Also from Friend D, who quipped in her email to me, “I guess his scar will stop hurting him in the last book.”

No contest! Jane forever!

From Mama Bear, I was relieved when the list finally got to Rebecca, which, as you know, is my all-time favorite book.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I sort of went on a Jane Austen jag. I do that sometimes. Mama Bear had read and really liked Longbourn, which is P&P from the servants’ perspective. It was well-written, and an interesting look at what goes on below stairs. (I’ve read alternate ending Austen books, and sequels – I have a pair of book sequels that are practically pornographic, giving me more than I ever wanted to know about Darcy and Elizabeth’s sex life. But this wasn’t bad.)

After that, purely by coincidence, I swear, I picked up Midnight in Austenland, the sequel to the book that was actually made into a movie. It was fluffy and quick, but fun.


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