Prep work


Prepping for a program is great, but time-consuming, and it’s nice to feel things coming together. But at the same time, I’m never sure that the program will be what I want it to be – will people attend? Will they like it? Will they have fun?

I’m doing a lot of prepping for my Saturday “family fun time,” which I don’t know if I’ve mentioned yet. We started this in January, and it’s like a storytime plus – maybe crafts, or something extra beyond just stories. So I’m doing a sports one, and I’ve had my plans come together nicely. I can’t wait till Saturday morning to actually have the program, and then report on it.

Now just for some links.

First, and foremost, the trailer for The Giver. What the actual what? Shouldn’t it be in black and white? I am not thrilled about it.

The amazing Walter Dean Myers – a former Ambassador of Children’s Literature, like Kate DiCamillo is now – wrote about characters of color in children’s books (and the lack thereof) for The New York Times.

None of these are from my library. A few could be (not the one about the bats, though).

Mama Bear officially gave me permission to have any one of these 33 tattooed on my forehead.

I don’t think I ever read the Pippi Longstocking books. But when I was a kid, we had a Swedish movie version – really badly dubbed, if I remember correctly – on VHS. And Pippi was BAD. ASS. She did whatever she wanted, had a monkey, and refused to conform to social convention. How I wished at the time I were Tommy or Annika, to play with her – and even more to be her.

Shailene Woodley seems great. I’m looking forward to reading and seeing Divergent (guess who’s #1 on the waiting list for the next available system copy???). I’m not sure how I feel about this, though.

Speaking of amazing female characters, Sister A sent me this with the subject line “This may be my favorite Buzzfeed yet.” And I did honestly tear up a little bit though, reading the list.

Most libraries are very forgiving. These are some bananas fines – and some decades-late books.

I did like Hard Times when I just read it. And I think Great Expectations is Dickens’ masterpiece. Here’s some Dickens swag I’d be into having.

After I read The Interestings, I’ll read this.

In our latest installment of What’s Annabelle Reading, after Dickens, I wanted something a bit, well, lighter. And what’s lighter than a murder mystery set in late 1880s Colorado? Am I right? It was quite good. I love historical fiction.


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