March Madness is Over


Nope, I’m not talking about basketball. That’s still well and truly mad. What I am talking about is my March programming. I had a LOT in the past month. April, though, seems to be a lot quieter for me, which is both good – it’ll be calmer – but bad – I really like doing programs – so we’ll see how that goes. This week, strangely, I have no programs at all; no storytimes, no STEAMs, no nothing. A few meetings, but nothing to prepare for. It’s a strange feeling!

So here are some links. 

Sister A is a Gilmore Girls fan. I haven’t watched it (yet; I’ll borrow her series on DVD at some point), but I do know that books are a big part of it. Here are all 339 books referenced throughout the show. 

The beginning of my professional interest in libraries started about 13 years ago, when I moved to the city where I’m living now, and I joined the volunteers group of one of the branches. I worked in the sorting section of the used books on weekends, and twice a year we would have book sales. We still do (last weekend was one of the sales, but I couldn’t go because I was working), and we manage to raise money for the branch: baskets to carry books, a Wii for the branch, changing tables for the bathrooms, little things. I think we did well, but how about this group in Alaska who raised $1m?!?

From friend E, if the Game of Thrones characters were Muppets.

From Mama Bear; of COURSE Jane Austen would be Gryffindor. I mean, please.

Also from Mama Bear, aren’t these cool-looking? I love the ones where the back part is painted a different color; it really pops.

Great news, John Green fans! The same team that adapted The Fault in Our Stars into a movie will be adapting Paper Towns.

I have to admit, I’m going to read this, purely out of curiosity. And I state here and now that my reading it does not equal my condoning it. 

This is fascinating! How brilliant.

I’m proud to say I’ve noticed the card catalog in the background of the The Big Bang Theory set. I do want one, but not for the kind of money they’re going for

Finally, from Mama Bear: words are fun! Aglet! Punt! Gynecomastia! And if I ever got a tattoo, it would be an interrobang.

In our latest installment of What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished Divergent! I liked it much better than I thought I would. And I think I’m going to go see the movie this weekend, I think. I also finished Gillian Flynn’s Dark Placesand I very much liked it, more than Gone GIrl, and it’s odd for me to like a book in which the characters are unlikeable, which I think I mentioned when I read Gone Girl. But the plotting and pacing are so good that it makes it hard to put down.


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