Happy April Fool’s!


I got taken down a few times today by April Fool’s jokes. I did – not gonna lie. I’m not particularly gullible, generally, but I’d just forgotten what today is and fell for some good April Fool’s trickery. (My favorite was Netflix streaming, which advertised a movie, “Rotisserie Chicken”: apparently 96 minutes of watching a chicken bake. Mmmmm.)

So I am not without my own tricks up my sleeve. At my Pre-Library Job (technically, there were many jobs before I started at the library, but I mean the most immediate one), I printed out an official-looking notice to post on the copier, which read that users would not have to type in their department codes to make copies; that a voice-recognition software had been installed that morning, so they would have to speak their codes out loud.

I thought it was hilarious; not everyone did.

Because I

am clearly not inventive, I decided to use the same type of prank for April Fool’s Day in the Teen section. I put our library logo on a piece of paper, prominently displayed on the sign-in computer, which said that users didn’t need to type their library number anymore to sign up for a computer, but could instead merely speak their number out loud and then the system would assign them to a computer. 

I’ve only had one person catch on so far – one of our regulars – but I think I may have had two of our staff fall for it! Hee! I love April Fool’s Day.

Lots of really amazing links today:

THIS IS POSSIBLY THE BEST NEWS EVER. (When I sent the link to Mama Bear, she replied, “Well…it is interesting news, but perhaps not THE BEST EVER!” To which I responded, “We clearly have different ideas of what the best news ever is. This is it.”)

Lifetime’s Flowers in the Attic sequel, Petals on the Wind, is coming out in May. That is really soon.

There is an Eric Carle Museum, and I haven’t been there yet. This is a good reason for me – or anyone – to go.

What a-hole came up with this?

From Friend D: Rape culture and the Divergent movie.

Some bad-ass female authors from Friend P.

From Friend S (and Buzzfeed): Children’s books retold for adults. Uncomfortably true!

The following are from Mama Bear: Lies, all lies!

44. How did you do?

HILARIOUS. Don’t cross Anne!

Books to read in April.

Good advice from my Birthday Twin.

Finally, from Mama Bear, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is going to be a trilogy!

Friend R, who works at the University of Maryland, sent me this. So much fun. (Sister A’s alma mater did the same thing a few years ago.)

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I read Amelia Gray’s Threats and hated it. I have to care about the characters, and I just didn’t see why I should care about any of them in the book. There were no answers, either. Then I picked up a book that is just so me… I’m a dork. 

As you know, I subscribed to Lizzie Skurnick’s subscription service, and I caught up on two of hers, A Long Day in November and Secret Lives, both quick reads.


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  1. That is a good prank! I did a lame one where I posted a picture of the HP disc set on Facebook and said I just acquired it. I fooled a few who liked my post. Haha!

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