Storytime for 2s and 3s, Thursday, April 3 (and me teaching)


I had storytime on Thursday for the 2s and 3s, and wasn’t expecting the 70 (!!) children and adults who showed up. I had pulled three books on color and found our big bag of scarves in the storytime room, but after a quick count once I saw the amount of attendees, I realized I only had half as many scarves as children. So I scrapped it.

The three books I used worked quite well; I started off with What Colour Is Your World, then with a song or two, we went on to My Box of Color, and then I used my cute little ducks to sing “Five Little Ducks” in which we talked about the colors of the ducks. I finished up with A Rainbow All Around Me. I’d use any of these in the future – they worked well with this age group.


Thoughout reading all the books, I asked the children to help me say the colors they saw, and to put their fingers on their noses (or ears, or bellies, etc.) if they were wearing the color that was shown. It went quite well!

Yesterday I did something I hadn’t had the chance to do yet, but also helped me with my smart goals – co-teaching one of the adult computer classes. My coworker S and I co-taught a class on vocational, career, and educational databases. I had done some exploring of them before the class, I remembered to speak slowly (a huge coup for me), and the experience was marred only by a man my librarians and I call Mr. Creepy.

Mr. Creepy likes to pop in and chat, and ask lots of questions, and has asked some of the female librarians in my department and others out for lunch and dinner, which is what he proceeded to do throughout the class. He’s not doing anything wrong, per se, and I don’t think there’s any mental illness at play, but I think at some point someone’s going to have to simply tell him that his personal questions (are you married? do you have children?) are not appropriate. The good thing, though, is at least now I know his real name from the sign-in sheet.

One more thing: we recently acquired an old-school mystery series from the 1950s I’d never heard of (The Happy Hollisters, anyone?). On the inside of the front cover was this disclaimer:

Certain events, terminology and behaviors are presented in this volume exactly as originally printed in 1956. In retaining potentially confusing or questionable material and situations, the publisher offers the opportunity for valuable “teaching moments” for today’s reader.

I’m intrigued to flip through the books and see what the material is…

Now, links:

From Friend D, books written in response to other books.

My coworker A has a fabulously funny and creepy blog, Scary Books for Spooky Kids, about, well, just that. But one of her recent posts was a list of 100 legal sites to download books. Amazing.

I got 55!

From Mama Bear; she and I both got Stellaluna.

Also from Mama Bear, the second novel and its elusive success….

Sister A really liked the book, and it’s on my list…

I’m in the middle of watching Orange is the New Black, and, as you may remember, I read the book earlier this year. The real Piper Kerman had a wish list on Amazon for friends to fulfill – it’s an interesting list.

There won’t be a Percy Jackson #3 movie. (Although it’s not like we’re missing out on Logan Lerman!)

15 books by women to read nowish.

Pssshhhht. This is my life.

“They”‘re making a movie out of Eleanor and Park!  Yay!

What a great idea…

No new books in What’s Annabelle Reading. Stay tuned.


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