I love themed storytimes because they’re easy to talk about with the kids, there are songs for any kind of storytime, etc. I’d thought about doing one about feelings, and found some great books about being mad.

Funnily enough, I had two criers when we began, ad a couple of kids who were mad about a few things. I was feeling a little punchy, myself, so it was good for all of us.

We started off with How Do You Feel? by Anthony Browne, and I asked the kids to make faces corresponding to how the bear in the story felt. It was hilarious. I also defined some feelings for them – guilty and curious, particularly.

Anna Dewdney is a lot of fun, so I read them both Grumpy Gloria and Llama Llama Mad at Mama.

Jane Yolen’s How Do Dinosaurs Say ‘I’m Mad’?  is one of many by the Yolen/Teague team, with thoughtful writing and detailed drawings. This was no different, and the kids liked it a lot. Part of the text explains that two good ways to calm down are to take deep breaths and count to ten. We did both of these, and I swear, the whole tone of storytime changed. Everyone was in a good mood after the breaths and counting. I’m going to seriously use those tactics when I have a wild or cranky bunch next.

A good storytime, altogether, and I definitely recommend all of the books, and the various books by the authors (like Yolen/Teague, there are a bunch more in the Llama Lllama Dewdney series).

OH! And I’m editing to add – there was a nanny who took out her phone and MADE A PHONE CALL in the middle of my storytime. I beg your big fat pardon, lady. That is not okay. So I stopped storytime, and I went over to her and asked her quietly if she would either take the child and phone outside, or put the phone away and make the call afterward. I was surprisingly polite about it. Still: I was irritated. Who does that?


I have got a boatload of links for you all today. And it’s an especially fine crop, too.

NB: I realize that there may only be a finite list of postable links. I don’t think I’ve repeated any throughout different posts, but if I have, my advance apologies, with the tongue-in-cheek note that they’re clearly fabulous enough to post twice.

The shortlist for the Carnegie medal. (Strong female presence!)

The shortlist for the Bailey’s Women’s prize. (See any similarities between this list and the above list?)

The highbrow and the lowbrow.

I could not stop laughing at this. Truly I couldn’t. If you work with the public, you’ll get a lot of these. If you don’t, you’ll get a taste of what my job is like.

Some school libraries don’t stay open throughout the summer. They should, honestly, and at least one is getting money to stay open.

From Friend D, the following:

Are you skimming, or seriously reading? (Mama Bear sent me this too – great minds…)

I’m not a huge New York person – I like the city, but being there too long makes me crazy. So I can visit more often, through these.

From Coworker C, the following:

Really fabulous bookstore names (Baltimore is represented, and so is Bath, where I studied abroad!)

Puns for English nerds.

From Coworker W, prepare to have your childhood ruined.

From Mama Bear, the following:

More snarkiness in text form, this one from Little Women.

If you don’t think you get the book, don’t review it.

41, I think, was my total.

No one owns children’s/YA lit. But people think women do. 

How about some diversity in children’s/YA lit? Why isn’t there more?

If you don’t click every single one of these, we can’t be friends anymore.

If you’re a Harper’s subscriber, you can read all of the article. For everyone else: what happens when a beloved character hits the public domain?

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve these.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I needed something familiar to break up all the new stuff I was reading. You know who my favorite palate cleanser is? Bill Bryson. So I pulled out At Home, which never ceases to blow my mind. Well, all of his books blow my mind.


Speaking of blowing minds, I read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. The man is a freakin’ genius. It was amazing, and his writing is damn near lyrical. Read it. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

Preschool Storytime, Wednesday, April 9


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