A Blast from the Past


It’s National Library Week, and today in particular happens to be National Librarian Day. So go thank your local librarian for everything s/he does for you.

I’m home at my parents’ for a few days, for Passover and since I had a few days off coming to me – a short vacation was desperately needed, for my sake and my patrons’ – I thought I’d make the most of it. And I was going through my old childhood crap at Mama Bear’s and Daddio’s, and came across this gem:


This is from kindergarten – 1984? 1985? I don’t even remember that I wanted to be a librarian. I do remember wanting to be a supermarket checkout girl, and an astronaut and a ballerina, but never a librarian (or librian, apparently). And now look how things have turned out. Who would have thought I was so prescient?

Since I’m home, I don’t have much library news to share. But I have a lot of links, of course!

This is my life.

These are lovely. Lots of history here.

Congrats to my birthday twin!

Is this guy crazy or brilliant, or crazy brilliant?

I guess everything’s a musical these days.

Donna Tartt picked up the Pulitzer for her latest book.

From Sister A: literary tourism in my hometown!

From Friend D: Whoever makes these is a genius.

From Other Friend D: Meh mehhhhhhh meddly meh meh meh.

From Mama Bear:

Reading rooms are coming to NYC.

Remember Sue Townsend?

We can’t keep this on the shelves.

More reinterpretations of books to screw up your childhood.

Holy telltale heart, Batman!

Independent bookstores that are making it work.

All of Stephen King’s books, ranked.

AHHHHH!!! ! dkljfgl;adfjgkl;dfjgl;ajdfgo;a rte rioautioperpru!!!!

Good call on all of these.

Very interesting – lots of nos where they shouldn’t be.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I just finished Insurgent, which was fine. Not fabulous, not terrible, but fine. I have the last one, Allegiant, waiting for me at my branch when I get back.


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