Baby Lapsit, Friday, April 18


I had a big group for Friday’s baby time, which was great and unexpected. It was funny, because I thought I was choosing sing-y books. But my coworker looked at the two I had, and said, “Oh, you’re doing books about transportation!”


So I did both – I read/sang these (they were both big hits, but we also had some great participating adults), and then pulled out some of our many board book copies of Freight Train, one of my favorites from childhood. Each parent/child(ren) group got a copy, and we read it aloud, then went back and looked at the colors, and then counted the number of cars. I really liked it. I think it went well, and I’m excited to try that again.

Two neat pieces of news:

On Monday and Wednesday, I’ll be having my shifts at one of the neighborhood branches – the one closest to me, as it happens! So I can either walk, or take the bus, or drive, and my commute will be halved at the very least. (Monday is my night shift, so I’ll probably drive, but if the weather is good on Wednesday, I’ll be walking both ways!)

Back at my branch, we’re working on weeding the YA books – I don’t know if I mentioned this. We’re going through all the fiction right now, looking to see what to keep and what to redistribute to other branches. If a book hasn’t been circulated (i.e., checked out) in two years, then it gets weeded. There are also some in deplorable condition, so we can either recycle or donate those, depending on the level of wear. It’s also a good opportunity to see which of the big series – HP, Hunger Games, Twilight are really the big three – can be whittled down in terms of number of books. Do we really need four copies of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? By weeding, we can make room for the new, really exciting stuff.

In other news, from Facebook, I learned that Allegiant (which I’m reading right now!) will be split into two movies – the first part will come out in March of 2016, the second part the same time the next year.

I’m overflowing with links. Here they are.

Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez has passed away.

Get ready for the movie! (Friend D said, “Only one pack of tissues?”)

Disney has acquired the rights to the Newbery award-winner The One and Only Ivan(The article misspelled “Newbery.” Note that it has only ONE r.)

Libraries are absolutely tourist destinations. I made it a point to visit the Trinity library when I was in Dublin.

Some of the coolest college libraries (none of which are my alma mater’s sadly).

Because it’s all awesome.

I haven’t read it yet, but Mama Bear, who has, says this is accurate.

The U.K.’s Independent is going to stop reviewing gender-specific children’s books.

From Friend D:

When I buy a house, all of these will happen.

Libraries need high-speed internet access. Without a doubt.

Need a quick read?

From Mama Bear:

These’ll make you hungry.

Yes, it is. 

McSweeney’s is SO CLEVER.

I may have mentioned this, but all of Jane Austen’s books are being rewritten with a contemporary slant. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

The Jane Austen Literary Foundation! 

Favorite Pulitzer winners. (I’m reading one of them now that isn’t even mentioned in the article.)

I wish I’d invented this. Sadly, I didn’t.

Famous last words. (Literally.)

From Coworker A’s blog:

I want my man to smell like Mr. Rochester.

Free online horror books!

In What’s Annabelle Reading, we’re able to get a lot of advanced reading copies of books, and I love anything that has to do with Jack the Ripper and/or Victorian London. So I picked up Mayhem, but I didn’t really connect with it. Then I read Allegiant, as mentioned above, the last book in the Divergent series. As trilogies go, it was stronger than The Hunger Games, in that all of these books were solid and contributed to the trilogy. I didn’t hate the third book like I did with the Matched and HG trilogies. Overall, it was fine.

GUESS WHAT???? This is my 100th post! My 100th! Hard to believe, huh? Thank you, loyal readers, friends, and fans!


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  1. I did row, row at three story times this week: Wonderful Ones, Preschool, and Family. It was a big hit and I had fun too.

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