A Unicorn Farting Rainbows


I love my job, and I love the good challenges it presents – working with patrons, planning programs and activities, but life in general, I know, is not always a unicorn farting rainbows. And so it is with one’s job.

I feel sad when children are witnesses to their parents’ bad behavior (the mother who cussed me out because I politely asked her to leave the area because she had kept falling asleep). I feel sad when one of my “good” teens – whose greatest sin in the Teen section in the past has been trying to get attention – shows signs of being on drugs. I feel frustrated when a program I plan doesn’t get the turnout I wanted. I feel uncomfortable and embarrassed with Mr. Creepy comes over and asks me to lunch (a first for me, but my boss asked me to write up an incident report to demonstrate that I’m yet another staff member who has been made uncomfortable by his overtures).

But it’s so, so great to see the regulars who enjoy the library, the first-timers who come to my branch and marvel at the depth and breadth of our resources, the patrons who thank me when I’m able to dig out a book that will help them with lessons or homework or whatever.

It’s not always a unicorn farting rainbows.

In other news, tomorrow is Staff Day – the library is closed for the day, and all of the staff has training and fun activities and workshops. Should be a good time!

Now, on to links.

This could be really, really good, particularly with Spielberg at the helm.

And speaking of more movie adaptations….

And one more

Are library jokes really that funny?

The answer is: because teenage girls have money to spend.

We have more resources than you would think!

We just celebrated WS’s 450th birthday/deathday. Here are some fun facts I bet you didn’t know…

Not to say Dickens is predictable, but…

You’re so nasty, Encyclopedia Brown!

We finished our YA weeding, so I can understand why people are pissy at the librarians. But let the patrons try to weed!

Scandals in Stoneybrook...

More BSC hilarity.

I loved this book as a teen and loved it; truthfulness be damned.

Get ready for the Flowers in the Attic sequel on Lifetime!

From Mama Bear:

So pretty!

Blah blah blah Common Core blah blah.

They’re not on their damn deathbeds!


From Friend D:

When sci-fi hits close to home.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I forgot to mention this, but I have my book club on Wednesday and read A Thousand Acres for it. Phenomenal. Gorgeously crafted. The parallels to King Lear are thoughtful and well-done. I just finished a Victorian murder mystery – my kind of book! Oh, and I love, love, love Mary Roach – she’s like a scientific Bill Bryson. This was her bodily functions book. Advice: don’t read it while you’re eating.


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