Warning: summer approaching!


I’m not sure how it happened – I know it has something to do with the rotation of the Earth around the sun and whatever – but all of a sudden, it’s May. Wow. That’s pretty bananas. Kids will be out of school in about six weeks, which means our summer reading program (SRP) is ramping up. This year’s theme, which spans library systems across the country, is Fizz, Boom, Read! 

In short: science!

We had a big children’s working group meeting this week, and I discussed all of our in-kind visits – presenters who we don’t have to pay, our favorite kind – and we learned all about what the teens will be doing, how they will earn badges and their prizes – they can earn things from baseball tickets to a tablet to a pair of Beats headphones. We are not above bribery here at the library! If it gets the kids reading, that’s what matters.

So how about some links, huh?

I don’t know if I mentioned this in a previous post, but for librarians, Star Wars Day, or May the 4th (GET IT?) is kind of a big deal. I had 3 friends at 3 different branches doing programs to celebrate the day. Here are some great cakes to mark the occasion.

They are quite smart.

This accurately captures the douchiness of Ayn Rand.

Perfectly preppy in every way!

You’ve read this, and not for the exciting descriptions of how they made bowls or sleeping furs.

From Friend D: I love epistolary novels! I’ve read quite a few of these...

From Mama Bear:

Letters of Note is one of my favorite blogs, and this is a lovely letter from a lovely guy.

You’re a little late to the party, Today Show.

As if I needed another reason to love my Birthday Twin.

Seriously. I love him. I just love him. 

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I’ve been busting through some books. I’d heard great things about The Watchtower, but I really needed a stronger plot. Great concept, and I love books about Australia, but there wasn’t enough to hold my attention. And in my effort to read books I somehow missed when I was younger, I got The Westing Game and LOVED it. So much fun, very very clever, and I’m sorry I didn’t pick it up as a pre-teen – I can certainly see younger Annabelle poring over it. Switching to adult books, briefly, I love Mary Roach so much that after finishing Gulp, I went to put the only one I hadn’t read on my reserve list: BonkThe things this woman does for science. Mary, I salute you.


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