Baby storytime, Friday, May 9


I’ve been having quite a crowd lately for Friday baby storytimes. This Friday, I had 40! It was a breastfeeding extravaganza, which I’m totally fine with, and had to ask people to put away phones only twice. Success!

Speaking of success, all of these were winners this week. I’ll definitely use them again:

photo (12)

I’ve used Babies on the Bus before, and sang that last.  But the other ones –  Stretch was perfect for baby movements. Do Donkeys Dance? was a hit with both kids and parents. If I Were a Jungle Animal was silly and fun. A home run, if I do say so myself.

We’re starting to think about weeding the juvenile chapter books, and we have some pretty strong lists for reference: Newbery books, of course, won’t get weeded, and ones we’ve put on our Enduring Interest list won’t, either. Using an example Coworker A made in an email, Harry Potter is a good choice “it hasn’t won an award, and regardless whether it’s circulated or not, we still recognize it as culturally significant, popular and important to have available.” 

I love weeding. It appeals to my crazy-pants Type-A side, and it takes out the stuff we don’t use, allowing us to put in room for popular and new stuff!

Links? Links.

I love this picture, and definitely support the need for diversity in children’s books. (From my coworker’s Tumblr!)

It’s not dead and never will be.

My hometown rocks.

I remember studying illumination in 5th grade, but never like this.

The comments are almost as good as the material.

Female writers you should be reading.

Blood. Boiling.

I think everyone should read P&P, but guys may be particularly interested in this article.

Friend them all!

From Friend D:

It does exist!

No no no no no.

Because of course he did.

From what I can tell, this is true, unfortunately.

From Sister A: aren’t these just gorgeous??

From Mama Bear:

How many of these have you read? I’ve read 46.

Yeah, this is as weird as it looks.

Why did I never hear of this? I hope it’s in my library’s collection.


I love that she references a few books I’ve mentioned here – it’s nice to see someone else obsessed with Flowers in the Attic and The Westing Game.

Mama Bear’s joke in the email: “Goes to show your childhood could have been worse.”

Then she sent me this with the subject line, “These are even worse.”

Grab some tissues for this one.

All my library friends love Goodreads, but here are other book-rec platforms you might like.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, ahh ahhh ahhhhh ahh, The Maze Runner, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I just put the second book in the series on reserve and need to read it immediately. Here’s the trailer for the movie version. I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing it in the theater.


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