So shines a good deed


in a weary world (this guy, but I first learned it from this guy).

There’s been some not great stuff going down in Teens the past few days. Maybe it’s because I’m there, maybe the warm weather is making people cranky, maybe there’s an epidemic of Asshole going around – I don’t know. (Tainted water?)

Yesterday a teenage boy had an unopened can of beer by his computer. First, you can’t have alcohol, open or not, in a municipal building. Second, a), if he was 21 or older, he was too old to be in Teens. b) if he was not 21, then he was too young to have beer. Either way, he was banned.

Yesterday, also, a fellow without a shirt on told me that he did not, in fact, need to put on a shirt after I had told him that yes, in fact, he did. He used some very descriptive profanity to tell me what I could do with his shirt. Happily, a security officer was passing at that moment and heard most of it.

Today I was told that I’m a racist white bitch because I informed a young lady that she had used up her two warnings on her music being too loud, and that singing the lyrics of the song, which included words that rhymed with “bigger” and “brothermucker” and “pit” was not appropriate behavior, and she would have to leave. Then, she threatened to beat the shit out of us (my coworker and me), so security was called and responded in a timely manner. She was later banned, too. 


So I was ready for a good deed. Not for me personally (though Coworker M bringing in Rita’s definitely counts, bless her heart), but just some evidence that people are nice. And lo and behold, I found one.

I was picking out some stories for my preschool storytime tomorrow, and came across William’s Doll, and was flipping through it, when I found this, stuck in one of the pages:


And seriously I almost cried. I did. Really. (Partially because I HATE William’s Doll – it was everyone’s least favorite song in my summer camp’s production of Free to Be, You and Me.) But it was just so sweet to see – a random good deed. I put back that copy of the book and took another, to leave the surprise for a deserving patron. 

Isn’t that nice?


TURN DOWN YOUR $%*&#*&$ING MUSIC! (I swear, I had this particular link planned for my next blog entry even before I had to tell Miss Congeniality to turn down her music today.)

It wasn’t till after I read this article that I remembered where I’d seen chained books before: the Hogwarts library.

And speaking of Hogwarts… buy your tickets now!

I’d never thought of Jane Eyre quite this way before, but okay…

And speaking of the Brontes…. oh myyyyy! #georgetakei

I wish I were this smart.

A great Insurgent casting choice.

This is a great article. I remember loving Hazel’s parents the first time I read the TFIOS.

Um, what? I went to college in Amish country, and I do not remember any vampires roaming around the farmlands.

Happy belated Mother’s Day, all you mothers out there!

From Mama Bear:

Do they not get what a library is?

Mama Bear’s accompanying comment: “More John Green love in an unexpected place…”

Sister A and I still haven’t gotten here yet (but it seems as if our wait will be worth it).

My favorite is the Dashwood sisters’ cottage.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished my advanced readers’ copy of The Forgotten Seamstress. It was fine. Not outstanding. I do like quilts, though.


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