Preschool Storytime Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew with my storytime yesterday.

But it was a good try, and with older kids, you can try a few different things and see how they respond.

I started off storytime, after our usual hello song, with talking about being nice to people, etc. I made it interactive (“Raise your hand if you like to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you'”!), and we talked about being nice to people, having good manners, etc. The three books fit together well, at least in my head – there was a central theme running through them.

photo (13)

Leo the Late Bloomer worked nicely, and it was the only book I didn’t involve the kids in, because it’s a quick read. When we read Nobunny’s Perfect, I had them put their hands on their head when they saw a bunny doing something bad/mean, and then on their noses when they saw a bunny doing something good/nice. (Luckily, the book is split into two clear parts, each featuring either the good or bad bunnies.) Finally, we read Oliver Button is a Sissy and talked about being nice to people when they don’t like the same things that you do, and why “sissy” isn’t a nice word.

I decided not to read William’s Doll a) because I hate it, and you should never put a book you hate in your storytime lineup, and b) because it was long, and it was either that OR Oliver Button, and, well, that was an easy choice.

The theme was a good one, but might have been better with different books, older kids, and more interaction.

The other day in our teen art program, Art Attack, Coworker C made little book charms (the nickel is there for scale). Look what she made for me! Thanks, C.



I love LeVar Burton. Always have, always will.

Wish I could afford these…

Excuse me while I hyperventilate.

Have you heard of this? I’ve neither heard of nor seen it before.

There’s some really good YA lit in here (one of ’em’s John Green!)

I looooooove old-school gothic novels.

Warning: these are genuinely scary.

Good choices, all of them.

The idea is good, but I think Foer’s logic on it is a little flawed.

News from Sister A, that the sequel to The Diviners has been pushed back to April 2015. She didn’t send me a link, but I trust her.

From Friend D:

These are weird. But as Mama Bear says, there’s a lid for every pot, so there’s probably an audience somewhere for these.

How many of these have you spotted? I knew a few…

Some photographic love for branch libraries.

From Mama Bear:

best shirts ever! (Friend E always sends me Out of Print‘s emails, and I can’t ever buy anything because I would end up buying the whole site. Although I do love that pretty necklace… oh, and that one tote … and all of the shirts…)

A GREAT list.

In What’s Annabelle Reading – in between my Maze Runner trilogy books, I needed something to break it up, and downloaded Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. I think it’s my favorite of hers. Predictable, though. And I just finished the second Maze Runner book. On to the third!


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