Family Fun Time, Saturday, May 17


I really hate it when I plan and plan and plan and plan and then no one shows up for my storytimes. That hasn’t been true for my weekday ones, but this Family Fun Time and my last one. (I did get two toddlers Saturday. Not enough!)

My theme was black and white – I even wore black jeans, a black sweater, and a black and white striped t-shirt, and printed the flyer for it in black and white, rather than color – and had some faaaabulous books pulled. In the interest of full disclosure, I had found a copy of one of my favorite childhood books in our collection and thought, “Hey, I can make a storytime right from this.” To round out the books, I found a great opposites book for the littlest kids, and thought, for fun, about poetry, once I saw we had a book called Poems in Black and Whiteand was planning on reading a few of the poems that were the most descriptive. So there were books for all ages.

But with only two toddlers, who were most interested in the craft project we were doing (more on that in a second), I just read the opposites book and we sang “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.” And that was that.

The craft project turned out to be easy and fun. The best part was trying it out first to make sure it worked! So if you take a white crayon and draw or write on a white piece of paper, then paint the paper with black paint (the instructions said acrylic, but we only had tempera), the message/drawing comes out nice and clear, a little chalkboard-y-like. Like this one I did for my Coworker A’s birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, A!!!)


It was super-easy, and with a tablecloth on the table, not too messy. That was a success!

We have a lot of regulars, and some of those regulars turn into favorites. Maybe that’s wrong, but if it is, I don’t want to be right. One of our favorite girls is moving with her family to another state, and gave us a picture in a picture frame that she had taken with us, and then this card, which I just love:


I do not want to leave but I have to. You guys are so good with books and you are so friendly!! I will miss you so much. Love, (M)

And I’m doubly annoyed because I had forgotten it was her last visit on Friday, and it was my day off! Ah, well. The little ones come and go. It’s so nice to see that we had made such an impact on her! She has been one of our STEAM regulars, and is just a great kid.

How ’bout some links?

This was a TERRIBLE idea! Terrible! (Includes TFIOS spoilers)

The feels!

Also: where are the Asian teens? Black teens? Multiethnic teens? And yeah, I guess, fat teens?

From a friend’s blog – I could have written this, because I see it all the damn time.

From Coworker J – I need to carve out some serious time and watch these.

Also from Coworker J – wow.

From Friend D: I guarantee this is what I’ll be doing.

From Mama Bear:

This is a really fabulous essay about one of my favorite heroines of literature, ever. 

How many times do librarians have to repeat that libraries are more than just books?

Fantasy author Mary Stewart passed away at 97.

Because, also, librarians.

Perhaps slightly overdramatized, but an interesting look at culling one’s library. (Although when we were weeding our YA, I emailed the following to Mama Bear: So I had this thought today while weeding our Teen books – the ones that are in good condition, they get weeded if they haven’t been checked out in 2 years. But the ones that might not be in good condition…. I’m like that one guard at Auschwitz who dictated whether people went to the right or the left, who lived or died, who went to work or went to the gas chambers… Her response? Perhaps your imagination is a tad bit overactive….)

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished the third Maze Runner book, and now I’m reading the prequel to them (which is obviously meant to be read after the trilogy).


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